The royal baby is finally here! Yesterday Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton delivered their first child, an 8lb 6oz baby boy, at 4:24pm at St. Mary’s Hospital in London.  With the birth of a child comes many necessities, but the royal baby’s necessities must be fit for a king! Here are the top five things that the Cambridge baby will need:

1.   The first thing the soon-to-be-named baby boy will need is a crown.  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge must begin preparing their son early for his future title, especially since the royal bambino is third in line to the British throne.

Just like the rest of his royal family, his highness will need a royal portrait.  Nothing will define his royal existence better than a painting that shows off his angelic smile, rosy red cheeks and cute little head, mounted on the wall along with the rest of his royal family and ancestors.

3.   Third on the list is a diamond-studded pacifier. While there will be times when the royal baby will whine and cry, his pacifier, known as a "dummy" in the U.K., will be there to sooth his soft whimpers and dry his eyes.

4.   To accompany his crown and pacifier, the royal baby will need a onesie that reads “Future King” on the front.  However, one will not be enough. He will need one every color in order to avoid being caught in the same outfit twice.

5.   For when the royal son explores the town and goes from palace to palace with mum and pop, there’s no doubt that he will need a stylish ride. An elegant “pram,” the British word for stroller, made of gold, diamonds and silk will be perfect for the little royal.  Though ABC News reported that the Duchess purchased a Bugaboo, which is said to be one of the best strollers out there, the pram will have to have a few customizations in order to be fit for the future king!

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