Josh Duhamel
spilled the beans today, revealing that he and wife Fergie are having a baby boy!

The 40-year old actor appeared on “LIVE with Kelly and Michael” this morning and confirmed the sex of their first child together by holding up a blue “Kelly and Michael” onesie, “People” reports.

In a clever game titled “Du of Don’t Part II: Baby Edition,” co-host Kelly Ripa held up two different onesies in the traditional pink and blue colors. After cheers from the audience, Duhamel snatched the blue one and walked right up to the camera with a big smile.

 “I can’t imagine having a kid and then not being able to be there – that would just drive me crazy,” Duhamel told “People” recently. “My head would be at home with mom and baby.”

Duhamel added that the couple plans to work it out so the baby can come with them while they’re working, as he said, “I can’t see myself ever wanting to be away from my wife and kid.”

As previously reported, the “Transformers” star’s wife also filed paperwork to officially change her name to Fergie Duhamel ahead of the baby’s birth. The Black Eyed Peas singer was born Stacy Ann Ferguson, but has been known as Fergie throughout her successful music career.

The pair have not announced their baby’s due date, but we wish them the best as they prepare for the little guy’s arrival.

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