Marie Osmond is going to be a grandma!

According to "People," the singer and talk show host appeared on "The Talk" yesterday, joking about being pregnant before revealing that daughter-in-law, Claire, is having a baby.

“I’m going to be a grandma!” Osmond exclaimed. “And I just can’t wait. Isn’t that fun? So excited.”

Claire is married to Osmond’s oldest son, Stephen Craig, her only child with her first husband, also named Stephen Craig, who she remarried back in 2011. In the interview, Osmond also shared how her Stephen and Claire gave her the news.

“We went in for my son, his birthday, he turned 30, which is amazing since I’m 29,” she joked. “He blew out the candles and then blew me away and said, ‘You’re gonna be a grandma.’”

The due date for the baby, the first for the happy couple, has not yet been announced. Check out the full clip of Marie talking about the news on The Talk’s official site.

Osmond’s own talk show, Marie, airs weekdays on the Hallmark Channel. You can also catch The Talk weekday afternoons at 2pm ET on CBS.

What do you think of Marie Osmond’s big news? Leave your best wishes for the soon-to-be grandma in the comments section below!

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