Musician and breast cancer survivor Melissa Etheridge sparked a controversy last week when she called out Angelina Jolie for her choice to have a double mastectomy.

Now Brooke Burke-Charvet, a cancer survivor herself, is speaking out in a new interview with E!, saying Etheridge completely crossed the line with her comments.

“I feel like to comment on somebody else’s decision and their motivation and to criticize it in any way feels really inappropriate for me,” she told E!

Of Jolie’s choice, Burke-Charvet added, “And I bite my tongue because Angelina is not a personal friend and I can’t speak about her experience, but doing something electively to avoid [great] odds that you can have a fatal disease, not only is it brave, but I think it’s pretty intelligent.”

The "Dancing with the Stars" co-host has diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2012 and recently had her thyroid surgically removed. The wife and mother of four children is now cancer-free and is excited to get back to DWTS, which will air solely on Monday nights this fall, having eliminated the weekly results show.

In her original interview with the "Washington Blade," Etheridge explained that she, like Jolie, has the BRCA gene mutation that predisposes them to breast cancer. However, she said she feels differently about it than the "Girl, Interrupted" actress.

“I wouldn’t call it the brave choice,” the outspoken singer told the Blade. “I actually think it’s the most fearful choice you can make when confronting anything with cancer.”

In an op-ed in the "New York Times" last month, Jolie revealed that her doctors estimated she had an 87% percent risk of developing breast cancer. She underwent a double mastectomy in February and has completed the three-month process of medical procedures.

Check out the full video interview with Brooke Burke-Charvet over at E! Online. What do you think? Is Brooke right?

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