How can I make a request? You can e-mail David Allan Boucher for a Top of the Hour Dedication at 9, 10 or 11PM. Bear in mind that David has a sizeable backlog of requests. We cannot take instant requests because we plan out our music in advance to make sure the rotation and flow is just right.

How can I get the name of a song I heard?
If it's one of the last 106 songs we played you can find the list right on our home page. 106 songs goes back about 9 hours. If it played prior to that send an e-mail to our Music Director, Mark Laurence. Try to give him a close approximation of when you heard it.

How can I find out about a commercial I heard on the air?
E-mail Daniel Wairi, our Sales Assistant.

I won a prize. When can I pick it up?
You can pick up your prize any weekday during business hours, 8:30-5:30, at 55 Morrissey Boulevard, Boston. Click here for directions.

What does David Allan Boucher look like?
Do you remember the 1970's TV show "Rhoda"? He looks like Carlton Your Doorman from that show.

How can I nominate someone to be on Exceptional Women?
E-mail a brief summary of her story to Candy O'Terry. We get many submissions and there is no guarantee that yours will be chosen, but we do review all of them.

I'm a musician. How can I get my song played on the radio?
One of our slogans is "songs you know by artists you've heard of"...meaning that a song needs to have some media exposure and audience reaction before we're ready to add it to our rotation.

How do I get a Public Service Announcement on the air?
E-mail our Public Service Director, Tina Gao: tgao@magic1067.com