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Exceptional Women Interview With Alice Hoffman

Sue Tabb interviews distinguished author Alice Hoffman about her work and her upcoming event “Pink Pages” - featuring a number of celebrated authors, and all to benefit the Hoffman Breast Cancer Center at Mt Auburn Hospital. Don’t miss this candid conversation! Read More

David and His Stink Bug

All morning... Kendra thougt David had cut his neck shaving... that, or that there was just a REALLY LARGE shadow on his neck.... Turns out was a STINK BUG!!!!!! Read More

Lions, Tigers, Bears .... and Coyotes!

A Melrose woman who was walking her dog in Saugus Saturday morning was forced to clamber up a tree to escape a pack of wild coyotes... Then there was a black bear in a tree in Newton Center... And finally... there was a STINK BUG on David's shirt all morning!!!! Read More

TRENDING: Yanny or Laurel? Which Do You Hear? 

Yanny or Laurel? It is the debate that is literally TAKING over the internet! Seriously. It’s the new “gold dress” debate. Yeah, remember that? Well, now the new debate actually involves a sound clip Is the robotic-like voice saying “Yanny” or “Laurel”? Listen for yourself: What do you hear?! Yanny... Read More

WATCH: Queen Share First 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Trailer

Queen’s been heavily teasing the upcoming Bohemian Rhapsody film, and today brings the best share yet: the film's first full trailer! Almost gives you goosebumps, doesn't it? If the above trailer isn’t getting you excited for the movie's November 2 release, we don’t know what will. Perhaps this... Read More

The Morning Shade with Sue!

Meghan Markle's dad, Thomas, now under some scrutiny. He allegedly got caught staging some photos in Mexico with papparazi to make money. This looks pretty bad off the heels of her estranged half sister writing that scathing open letter saying that the wedding shouldn't happen and trashing Meghan... Read More

Giving A Curfew

Did you have a curfew? Do you give one to your kids? David & Kendra are trying to explain to Sue that her kids (both in college) are too old for a curfew............. Read More