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Sue Doesn't Think She Has Red Hair.

Since it's National Kiss A Ginger Day..........David and Kendra had to inform Sue that she is... in fact a Ginger. And then of course they went over which celebrities (with red hair) they would like to kiss.. TAKE A LOOK..... What do you think? Read More

VIDEO: Relive All Of Tom Brady's Playoff Wins!

GIANT KUDOS to whoever is running the NFL’s social media pages...because they put together a video of all 69 of Tom Brady's touchdowns. And it’s freaking awesome!! 14 postseason appearances. 34 career games. Here's every Tom Brady Postseason TD! #tbt #NFLPlayoffs — NFL (@... Read More

The Morning Shade with Sue

James Franco a No-Show During Critics' Choice Awards Win for Best Actor Just hours after 5 women have accused James Franco of sexual misconduct, Franco was a no-show during the 2018 Critics' Choice Awards ceremony to accept his award for Best Actor. Instead, Vice Principals star Walton Goggins... Read More

Want A Discount At IKEA? Just Pee On This Ad.... Yes I said Pee.

We all love a good sale... but this one definitely takes the cake for ODDEST.... In a print advertisement for one of IKEA's cribs in a popular Swedish women’s magazine offers expectant mothers a discount. But to access the special discount price, you have to pee on the ad, which includes a hidden... Read More

RECIPE: No Jar Marinara Sauce

Try this homemade marinara sauce on your pasta dish. The fresh herbs and vegetables create an aroma that will bring the whole family to the dinner table before you even have to ask. That alone is worth the effort, right? Catch this great recipe on this episode of Food Channel's 90 Seconds in the... Read More

WATCH: Star-Studded PSA Vows to Keep Chris Cornell's "Promise"

In a new star-studded PSA, the late Chris Cornell , along with his children Christopher and Toni, vow to keep “The Promise” to make the world a better place. Specifically, Cornell vowed to fight for “the world’s most vulnerable children.” Below, watch the emotional PSA, which includes promises to... Read More

PET PEEVE AT THE MOVIES: Snack Bag Crinkling.

Why is it ... even after seeing the 20 minute ad telling you NOT TO TALK, NOT TO KEEP YOUR PHONE ON... and above all else, STAY QUIET while at the movies... do people feel the need to open a bag of raisinets as if they have never opened a package of candy before. The struggle is loud and lasts... Read More