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Win a 4 pack of passes to the Museum of Science and see Grossology: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body

GROSSOLOGY: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body is an interactive science-in-disguise exhibition that promotes learning while having fun. Based on the best-selling book series Grossology, the exhibit's humorous approach harnesses kids' natural curiosity to teach the science behind the human organism. Get answers to the most slimy, oozy, crusty, and stinky questions about the human body as you explore the good, the bad, and the downright ugly about runny noses, body odor, and much more!

Plus, individual displays such as Burp Machine, Nigel Nose-It-All, and Urine: The Game entertain while providing the answers to questions you've always wanted to ask — the weirder, slimier, and gnarlier the better!

GROSSOLOGY Exhibition produced by Advanced Animations, LLC., in collaboration with Science World British Columbia. GROSSOLOGY is a registered trademark of Penguin Group (USA).

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